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Nancy has over 25 years in the caring industry with extensive experience in Dementia, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dual Diagnosis, Chronic and Enduring Mental Illness, Anxiety and Depression Group Management. Nancy has achieved Bachelor’s Degrees in Mental Health Nursing and Health and Social Sciences as well as a Master’s Degree in related Health Studies. Nancy’s nursing registration with the National Medical Council (NMC) also remains active.

Nancy grew up and studied in Edinburgh in the early 1980s initially in Art and Design, thereafter into Nursing after personal experiences while raising her family. After her General Nurse Training was completed, she specialised in Forensic Secure Hospital Settings in both Scotland and Southern Ireland where through her strong clinical and people skills she was very quickly launched into Management.

Unfortunately, family ill-health and repetitive personal injury dictated that she resigns from front line nursing care and at the same time her mother came to live at the family home, as she was no longer able to cope at home on her own.

Over the years, Nancy observed other companies coming in and out of her home providing various levels of care and support to her mother resulting in the motivation to realise her lifelong passion to establish her own elite care company providing the highest possible quality of care to some of the most vulnerable individuals in society.

Nancy thrives on helping others and inspiring other people. She is not afraid to take on any challenge that approaches her and strongly believes that if you can visualise something happening then you can make it happen. Her dream is to positively change the image of Home Care and is a strong believer in positive thinking in the workplace.

Out with the workplace, Nancy enjoys bingeing on TV Soaps, playing the piano, spending time with her two Devon Rex Cats, or can be found pottering somewhere in her ever expanding country garden.

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