Ongoing Reviews

People need change over time, and it's important to make sure the right kind of care and assistance is given at all times. In order to do so, we provide regular reviews during our care.

After one week, a Care Manager or Director with call to see how things are going, and if any changes or enhancements are needed to the care we provide. After one month, a Care Manager or director will call again. After 3 months A Care Manager or Director will call or arrange a home visit to have a chat about the care experience. After six months, there will be a full review with a Care Manger, Director and/or Health Professionals. After nine months, we will arrange a telephone call from the Care Manger or Director.

Although we have times that we have set to check on care provision, it is important that our clients know they can speak to us at any point if there are concerns or extra needs relating to care. Please get in touch at any point if you would like to do so.

We also make use of written or anonymous questionnaires. We like to improve/implement our services to suit the individual and their needs, as everyone is unique. These are sent out to service users every 3 months.

We want our care to suit our clients, and we always want to hear how things are going. We look forward to our ongoing reviews, and to hearing from you in between these if you would like to contact us.

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